Neglecting a sewing machine….

Brooch by Blanche & Lola, £3.49

As a sewing teacher I meet a lot of people who claim they just can’t sew. Of course I tell them that anyone can sew – even if it is simple pieces of work.

Then most people go on to explain that they have a sewing machine in the garage, attic, wardrobe…. in fact they have a sewing machine anywhere they can store the box!

To me that is crazy, neglecting a sewing machine is soooooo wrong!

A sewing machine opens a whole world of crafting and creating something for you. It means you can have the perfect cushions on your sofa, new clothes for your children…… the possibilities are endless!

So please stop neglecting your sewing machine and come and learn to sew the funky diva way!

Image from Blanche & Lola on Etsy.

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