A new online shop

I buy a lot of my fabrics online, which is the perfect way to get a huge range of designs delivered straight to my front door… but someones I need to go and check out the new designs properly and stroke the fabric!

My favourite shop is Country Threads in Bath. It is only 35 minutes away and the bonus is that it is in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!.

Country Threads have recently gone global with a website and online shop. The online shop is a great introduction to the shop, which is an amazing shop.

The physical shop is great fun – you go into a small-ish room crammed full of fabrics, ribbons and sewing equipment. This little room is just a taster of the fabrics available. There is a little corrider – which is decorated with fabric panels and you then find yourself in a huge room filled with fabric bolts of every colour and design!

It is the little walk down the corrider that I love about Country Threads. The feeling of excitement about the new designs and fabrics they will have in the ‘cave’ of bolts! I get it very time I visit!

As a shop they are very friendly and approachable, always happy to help with fabric choices and talk through the design of your project. So if you are in the Bath area, go and visit, but make sure you take your purse!

If you can’t get to Bath, you can now stock up on the gorgeous fabrics they have with their online shop.

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